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Axolina a écrit :

I am level 11 and my cromigirl Apricotti has not given birth yet, and i need to progress to level 11.
Thank you in advance.  /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif  /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif  /static/images/forum/smilies/ham-06.gif

Edit/ You must first delete your second account because it is forbidden to have more than one !

I have closed my old account for good. Do I have to wait 30 days for it to be permanently gone, so my new cromigirl will be able to give birth?

Edit/ it's OK now ... Let the countdown run without ever reopening this account and you can then post a request!

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#127 Le 17-09-2023 à 20h45

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Hello! and I'm sorry if it's kinda late, I hope there is no time limit...
but I'm also in level 11 and in need of a cromibaby so I can level up my Cromigirl is named kira, in my first cage

thank you in advance /static/images/forum/smilies/ham-05.gif  /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif

Edit/ OK

omg thank you soo much!!    /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif /static/images/forum/smilies/cromimi-triste.gif

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